As you may have noticed by now, SunShop 5 is taking longer to complete than we originally planned. Because of this, we have been working on a major SunShop 4 release to add some great new visual and functionality improvements. We also decided to delay the release of SunShop 4.3.6 and replace it with this new, yet to be versioned release. Some of the major new additions for the SunShop 4 release include new templates that take advantage of HTML5, CSS and jQuery, some new front end and back end plugins, new additions to the admin interface to make getting support easier, a few bug fixes and some other changes.

Although we do not have a release date or version number yet, we hope to get this new version released by the beginning of next month. Keep in mind that Standard Licenses come with updates for an entire year so if you purchased within the last 11 months you will get access to this new version free of charge. Owned Licenses and Leased Licenses will get access as usual.

If you should have any questions about this new version or any other SunShop related questions, please let us know.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

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