It appears that within the last 24 hours, those shops hosted on GoDaddy are having issues viewing transactions from the admin area. Although we are unaware of what exactly is causing the communication breakdown we do have a temporary solution to the problem.

The Cause:

When you view a transaction, the server will connect to our servers XML service to get the detailed information on the IP address that placed the order (i.e. Country, city, state, etc.). For some reason that connection is hanging on GoDaddy servers and causing the transaction to not come up.

The Solution:

Open the admin/adminglobal.php file. Locate and change the lines:

function ip_lookup ($ip) {
    return xml_service('ip_lookup', array('ip' => $ip));


function ip_lookup ($ip) {
    //return xml_service('ip_lookup', array('ip' => $ip));

Please contact us if you continue to have issues or if you need further assistance. We would also recommend talking to GoDaddy to see if they can resolve the problem on their end. The connection to us is being made by accessing and they could be blocking the communication for some reason.

Friday, April 19, 2013

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