TWT is happy to finally be able to share more details on the SunShop 4.4.4 release which will include many new and exciting features. As you may know, it was originally scheduled for release on the 11th of January but due to some unforeseen issues and last minute feature additions, we were forced to delay the release a few weeks. While we wait, we now have a firm list of features and updates for SunShop 4.4.4. Please see below for more details on just some of the new features and fixes:

New Features:

1. Theme Settings: We now have theme specific settings that are tied to each individual theme. This new section will allow easy manipulation of areas within the theme including slideshow images and links, social and payment icons and links, various universal text banners, logos and much more.

2. Tax Cloud Integration: Gone are the days of entering tax rates for multiple locations to ensure full tax compliance. Tax Cloud is a FREE service that calculates sales tax in real time for every state, county, city, and special jurisdiction in the US. Additionally, it will provide monthly reports, broken down by jurisdiction (state, county, city, etc.).

3. PayPal Express Inline Checkout: SunShop now has support for PayPal Express inline checkout which will allow your customers to be able to use PayPal Express without leaving your site.

4. PayPal Standard Auto Redirect: We heard your requests and feedback regarding PayPal Standard and have now integrated an automatic redirect to PayPal when using PayPal Standard. This will aid in minimizing customer confusion after the order is placed and reduce abandoned orders significantly.

5. Canonical URLs: New plugin that will now display your sites canonical URL to avoid issues with search engines when your site is reachable via both dynamic and static URL’s.

6. Coinbase Module: SunShop now support bitcoin payments with the implementation of Coinbase as a payment method module. You can now accept bitcoins as a form of payment.

7. CIM Module: A new payment method module that will allow you to give your customers the option to save their credit card details for future orders on secure servers while utilizing their CIM service.

8. New Payment Processor Modules: Various new payment processing modules such as Stripe, Payeezy / First Data Global Gateway e4, CCBill and MOLPay.

9. Canada Post REST Module: New Canada Post module that replaces the old outdated module. This new module offers more precise shipping rate lookups and more options.

10. Purolator Shipping Module: A new module for shipping from Canada. Purolator is Canada’s leading integrated freight, parcel and logistics solutions provider.

11. Improved Admin Searches: We have greatly improved the product, transaction and user search. Not only are search parameters now kept and rolled over to the next pages, we have also added additional search parameters to the transaction and product search sections. Additionally, when the search feature is used, the form will automatically be show instead of hidden to remove the need for an extra click.

12. Transaction "Quick View" Update: We have implemented a new row highlight feature in the admin area. Additionally, instead of the need to click "More" and then "Quick View" to display the transaction details, you can now simply click on the row.

13. Vehicle Search Plugin: New plugin that allows you define year, make and models to products and refine searches on the shop front end based on them.

14. Various New Plugins: We have added some new plugins to SunShop such as a "Group Payment Methods" that allows you to assign certain payment methods to specific groups if necessary and a "Download URL" plugin which displays a link and download directions on the order confirmation email when digital goods are purchased.

15. iDevAffiliate Per-Product Commissioning Support: Support for iDevAffiliates new per-product commissioning feature.

16. Recaptcha API Update: The recpatcha module has been updated to v2.

17. USPS Module Update: We have reworked the USPS Domestic module to allow for more advanced configuration including selecting flat rate box types and other settings.

Plus More…

Important Bug Fixes:

1. Media / Image Uploads: We have resolved image and media upload issues that stopped certain servers from properly displaying the file manager when using the advanced editor.

2. Tell a Friend Spam: We have patched a bug that allows an attacker to use the "Tell a Friend" feature to spam emails to many email addresses when a captacha system is not utilized. We have patched this and addressed other potential spam areas.

3. Template File Exploit: new have patched a potential exploit that can be used by an individual with admin access. This exploit allows someone logged into the admin area to create non .html files in other directories. We have patched this exploit and restricted files that can be created using the template creator.

Updated Release Information:

We will be releasing SunShop 4.4.4 early the week of Feb 1st but we are shooting for a sooner release if possible. We are trying to get SunShop 4.4.4 out as soon as possible but we want to ensure a quality release. 

If you should have any questions regarding SunShop 4.4.4, please feel free to contact us. We look forwarding to sharing this release with everyone.

Monday, January 25, 2016

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