We have released a minor repack of 4.5.0 to fix a few small issues. Please see the list of files below as well as the reasons for the update.

1. libsecure.php and admin/libsecure.php: These two files should be updated to resolve an issue with SunShop not reading the local license key hash properly on some servers. Not a major issue but could speed up the site a little.

2. include/plugins/plugin_canonical_url.php: Added some code so that it will not return any value if you are not using mod_rewrite or static HTML pages.

3. include/shipping/usps_int.php: Had set the wrong version number in the rate request. Has been updated to v3 to fix a Canada shipping issue.

4. global.php: Resolved a search issue (Added 2/21/16).

5. include/methods/paypal_standard.php: Resolved issue with shipping not being added to total (Added 2/24/16).

If you recently purchased a professional upgrade to version 4.5.0, please open a ticket and we will update these files for you at no cost.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

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