Setting up SunShop Tool

In order to connect the mobile application SunShop Tool to your Sunshop installation, you must first setup the credentials in your SunShop administration area. Please also note that SunShop Tool 2.0 and later requires SunShop 4.3.1 and later.

Preparing SunShop:

1. Login to your SunShop admin area and navigate to "Settings" -> "Security Settings".

2. Under the "SunShop Tool App Credentials" or "iPhone App Credentials" set the "Username" and "Password" to the credentials of your choice.

Preparing SunShop Tool:

1. Open the SunShop Tool application on your mobile device. Once opened, you will be prompted for your "Admin URL", "Username" and "Password.

2. Set the "Admin URL" to the full URL to your admin login screen. (i.e.

3. Set the "Username" and "Password" to the credentials setup in the previous "Preparing SunShop" section.

Things to Note:

1. SunShop will not connect if you have an .htaccess password set on your shop.

2. Currently only one username and password can be set at a time.

Please open a ticket if you should have additional questions.

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