New SunShop Version Available

If you arrived at this link from the SunShop administration dashboard, then you have clicked the "Upgrade Now" link to get more information on upgrading to the latest version of SunShop. This article will walk you through the proper ways to upgrade your installation to the latest version to ensure that you are taking advantage of the latest features and improvements.

Self Upgrade:

To upgrade your own installation of SunShop, log into the client area at Once logged in, proceed to the menu option "Products & Services" -> "My Licenses". From there, click on the "Active" button for the installation that you wish to upgrade. Once clicked, you will see a button towards the top of the screen that reads "List All Downloads" which will take you to the link where you can view the latest version.

Each distribution listed is the same (latest) version of SunShop. Each distribution however is for a different version of PHP and your servers configuration will determine which one you need to download. If you are unsure of which distribution you need, please review the "Quick Installation Guide" and review the information regarding the "Version Checker" here:

Upgrade documentation is available here:

Professional Upgrade:

To purchase a professional upgrade, proceed to the URL where you will see a list of professional services that we offer. Choose either the Standard or the Rush Upgrade as needed. Please note that "Standard Upgrade" can take up to 24 business hours (3 business days) to complete. If you are in need of a faster upgrade, please consider the "Rush Upgrade" option.

If you should have any further question regarding upgrading SunShop, please contact support by opening a ticket.
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